Calibration Technician

Calibration Technician

It covers setting, adjustment, validation or verification of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, electronic, measuring and control instruments using reference standards in accordance with predetermined standard procedures.

Certified by IASC

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Real Time Projects

Designed by Industry Experts
Course Module
  •  Module 1:Calibrate Hydraulic,Mechanical andPneumatic MeasuringControl Equipment
  •  Module 2: Calibrate Electricaland ElectronicMeasuring and ControlEquipment
  •  Module 3: 3 Health and safety
  •  Module 4:4 Fire Safety
  •  Module 5: Emergencies, rescueand first aid procedure
  •  Module 6:Work effectively withothers
  •  Module 7:Final Assessment

No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analysed or communicated without some “digital technology” being an integral part of it. That, in itself, speaks to the overwhelming ‘value’ of digital technology.

Louis Rossetto