Certification In Computer Vision-Boston Training Academy

Certification In Computer Vision-Boston Training Academy

Understanding how to use computer vision in industry, Learning the main algorithms for image processing , Exploring how machine learning is used in computer vision, Different techniques to process, transform, and classify images: How to apply deep learning to visual tasks ,:Important computer vision methods, such as image segmentation and edge extraction

Certified by Boston

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Real Time Projects

Designed by Industry Experts
Course Module
  •  Module 1 : Image Recognition
  •  Module 2 : Object Detection And Tracking
  •  Module 3 : Image Filtering
  •  Module 4 : Planar Scenes And Homography
  •  Module 5 : Images As Vectors
  •  Module 6 : Automatic Document Analysis
  •  Module 7 : Feature Tracking & Motion Layers
  •  Module 8 : Face Detection And Recognition
  •  Module 9 : Computational Photography
  •  Module 10 : Augmented Reality
  •   Module 11 : 3D Reconstruction

No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analysed or communicated without some “digital technology” being an integral part of it. That, in itself, speaks to the overwhelming ‘value’ of digital technology.

Louis Rossetto