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Advance Diploma in Data Science

Advance Diploma in Data Science is designed to enhance industrial level skill set for all Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts. The content covers practical exposure to the sophisticated Artificial Intelligence Algorithms. The course covers a detail overview of the algorithms used to enable intelligence in machines. Regular lab exercise based on topics covered in regular classes are designed to expose the software design concepts required to develop a brain.

Certified by AICRA

Industry Oriented Curriculum

Real Time Projects

Designed by Industry Experts
Course Module
  • Semester 1
     Introduction to AI
  •  Python
  •  Numpy, Pandas and Matplotlib
  •  Fundamentals of Data Science
  •  Statistics for
  • Semester 2
     Machine Learning
  •  Supervised Learning Algorithms
  •  Introduction to Deep learning
  •  Artificial Neural Network
  •  Recommended System

No product is made today, no person moves today, nothing is collected, analysed or communicated without some “digital technology” being an integral part of it. That, in itself, speaks to the overwhelming ‘value’ of digital technology.

Louis Rossetto